Friday, 7 June 2013

Released OrientDB v1.4: new TinkerPop Blueprints API and many other features

London, June, 7th 2013

NuvolaBase is glad to announce the new release 1.4 of OrientDB:!

What's new with 1.4?

  • Graph: total rewrite of TinkerPop Blueprints API that now are the default Java interface, support for light-weight edges (no document), labeled relationships using separate classes and vertex fields
  • Storage: new Paged-Local compressed "plocal" engine  (not yet transactional)
  • SQL: INSERT and UPDATE supports JSON syntax, improved usage of indexes upon ORDER BY, supported timeout in query and global, new create function command, flatten() now is expand(), new OSQLMethod classes to handle methods even in chain, new encode() and decode() functions, support for new dictionary:<key> as target in SELECT and TRAVERSE
  • new SCHEDULER component using CRON syntax
  • new OTriggered class to use JS as hook
  • MMap: auto flush of pages on regular basis
  • Fetch-plan: support for skip field using "-2"
  • Index: auto rebuild in background, usage of different data-segment
  • Export: supported partial export like schema, few clusters, etc.
  • Console: improved formatting of resultsets
  • HTTP: new /batch command supporting transaction too, faster connection through /connect command, /document returns a JSON
  • StudioUML display of class
Full list:


To report an issue please follow the suggestions posted in the group, in particular attach the following information:
  • OrientDB version. Please don't forget this! If it's a SNAPSHOT please tell if it's from SVN (revision number) or from MAVEN
  • Operative System
  • 32-bit or 64-bit
  • JVM version
  • RAM
  • Dump of configuration and profiler

Professional Services
All the professional services are provided by Ltd, London UK.

If your company is skilled on using OrientDB and want to be a partner as "reseller" or better a "services partner" please contact to have more information.

Release 2.0 can wait. We planned an intermediate version 1.5 to release in about one month (mid July 2013) with many things we have postponed.

Thanks to all the committers, the contributors and final users!

Enjoy with Graphs,
Orient Technologies & NuvolaBase Teams

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  1. Great news guys! I'll give it a try in an OSGi container ASAP!


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