Saturday 1 December 2012

NuvolaBase Dashboard Upgrade

Dear user, the NuvolaBase Dashboard rework has begun!!

Many clouds are awaiting you on the horizon, in a good way.
As you may know, here at NuvolaBase we are working in parallel on several projects regarding OrientDB technology, and the DashBoard is one of these.

Please note that We are saying "begun" and not "finished".
The new Dashboard has been completely refactored to support new great features in the near future, and some cool feature is ready just now.

You can now login into the new NuvolaBase Dashboard with your Google, Twitter or Linkedin account. GitHub and Facebook ferderated login is under way, we just need to create the application OAuth API keys.
Several backend facilities have been designed and built by ground up.
The site usability is simpler and the overall security and reliability have been GREATLY improved.

IMPORTANT: The NuvolaBase Dashboard upgrade time window is scheduled for 2nd December
from 00:00 to 02:00 GMT.

Everything should be executed transparently, and we apologise in advance for any small outages that the upgrade procedure would cause into the time window.

What to expect in the near future?
We are working to integrate a request tracker system to support you more quickly.
A new OAuth2 provider is almost ready.
We are quite ready to expose a cool REST API to let you manage your database cloud infrastructure.

We need your feedback, so please drop up a note if you like.
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The NuvolaBase Team.

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